Returned visit to the Queen Victoria Museum


In January 2015 we, Ai-Lin & husband Renato had a holiday in Tasmania and of course it was a must to visit again the Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston.  I wanted to re-take photos of my grandmother's clothing that she had made herself to up date the family site. 


We were there in 1984, 31 years ago when Aunty Dot and Ken Dean picked us up from Launceston Airport.  The first thing they did was to drive us straight to the museum to see my grand-mother's jacket and skirt!  


This time, I made an appointment with the Curators, Roslie and Yvonne, but I was surprised and overwhelmed to see the amount of garments, shoes and artefacts that I didn't even know they had ever existed.

Photos by Ai-Lin Chung-Gon (nee Piccini)