1st Generation  


Violet Chung-Gon  


Dang Loon

(he had a wife back in China

therefore Violet was his 2nd wife)



 2nd Gener.tn 3rd Gener.tn 4th Gener.tn 5th Gener.tn



 Albert (Toong,known to most as Toongy)

Henry Loon, born 1910 -  

   Edith (Eddie) Lee Fook




Russell Albert Loon 

  Glenda Denise Ng



Karen Denise Loon  

Steven Lim




Michael Edward Loon 

 Grace Ho


Emma Grace Loon

Spencer Loon

Donna Blair


Prudence Loon

Antton Asensio


Xabier Asensio
Anouk Asensio


Aaron Loon  

Joyce Tan




Edward (Eddie, Edgar)

Samuel Loon, born 1911 

 Daphne Brown



Christine Loon 

Phillip  Bross


Casandra Bross

Paul Ansley Beard

Phoenix Gene Beard


Anthony Loon  

Gai Taylor


David Loon

Leisa Mason

  Jamie Loon
Mila Loon


Stanley (Stan, Gan) Victor Loon, born 1912

Norma Grace Hing



Gerald Anthony Loon  

  Jenny Sau-Mei Tang



Jonathan James Loon  

Belinda Li


Evelyn Grace Loon 


Matthew Phillip Loon  

Carol Ming Shi


Logan Alexander Loon 
Lachlan Darius Loon


Richard Earl Loon  

  Hannah Liao



Kathryn Anne Loon 

Joel Taylor


 Finn Lee Taylor
 Milo John Taylor

David Andrew Loon  

Judy  Chan


Anneliese Joy Loon



Alana Grace Loon



Adelynn Ruth Loon



Herbert James Loon

born 1914 - headstone.

(Details unknown)




Thelma Loon, born 1915 

 Tom Young



Jan Young 

Desmond Yee



Kailin Yee  

Nigel O'Neill


Jasmine O'Neill

Liam O'Neill


Robert Chan Young 

Lorraine Lai


Kristina Young (died 1yr)   
Tom Chan Young


 Dorothy (Joyce) Loon,

 born 1918 - Syd Long



Julie Long 

Paul Faint


Jean-Paul Faint  
Remy-Luc Faint

David  Loon, born 1921 

- lived 1 day -




Don Keith Loon, born 1923 

   Ruth Elley Jahr


No children     



This  Certificate shows that Violet, 43yrs old, was leaving for China in 1930, presumingly for a holiday.