1st Generation


Esther Chung-Gon      


*  Lowe Bing See (Widower)

  Percy Wong  

(He had a wife in China,

therefore Esther was his 2nd wife)

2nd Gener.tn

3rd Gener.tn

4th Gener.tn

Rosemary Dawn Bing See 

 Kee Yeap (Yeh, Yip)


R. Yeap

L. Yeap


I. Yeap

 C. Yeap


P. Yeh  

C. Fairburn


J. Yeh

C. Plappert



L. Yeh



D. Yip



Margaret Jean Bing See 

 Stephen Mar  





(divorced from MJ)





Adrian Mar

Jun Yang



Ethan Yang Zhi Mar



Lachlan Ming Zhi  Mar



Rohan Liang Zhi Mar



Richard Mar

Claire  Passlow


Mitchel Mar

Lucas Mar


Laurence Wong  

Jee  Leong 



Carl Wong 

Clare Li



Kaylee Hui Yuan Wong



Jessica Hui Ting Wong



Jade Wong  

Owen  Naidoo



Evan Naidoo



Grace  Naidoo



Peter Wong  

Lynne Heins 



Michael Wong

Nadya Justine Haddad 



Reginald Samir Wong



Elias Victor Wong



Jenny Wong




* Lowe Bing See

had four boys, George, Frank, Phillip & David by previous marriage.  

He was Queenie Young's uncle (brother to Queenie's mother).  


When Lowe Bing See's wife died,

he remarried in 1926 to Esther Chung-Gon,

so Esther became an Aunty to Queenie Young,

 therefore when Lowe Bing See & Esther had two girls,

Rosemary & Margaret Bing See they became first cousins

to Queenie Young .


Now when Queenie Young, married Samuel Chung-Gon, in 1944,

Queenie became Esther's sister-in-law,

therefore Queenie suddenly became an Aunty to

Rosemary & Margaret Bing See.


In other words Queenie and her children, at the same time,

are first cousins to Rosemary & Margaret Bing See!


When Lowe Bing See died, Esther Bing See married Percy Wong

and had two boys, Laurence & Peter Wong.    

They have no connection with Lowe Bing See's first family,

only connected by Rosemary & Margaret Bing See,

being in the middle of the family situation.