Edith (Eddie) Lee Fook - history

James Chung-Gon's grand-daughter-in-law, .

She married Violet Chung-Gon son Albert (Toongy) Henry Loon.




Sent: 07/04/2006      


Hello Russell,

Trust all is well with you and the family.       Lately, I have been up dating our family site again and I came across this article amongst my "info" box....has it any relationship with your mother's family?    If so could you expalin who's who as I would Iike to tire it in somehow within our family site.

love from your cuz Ailin

Received: 08/04/2006                                                                                   


Dear Ailin 


Yes the article relates to my mum's (Edith) father and mother.     I remember when I was about 8 years old spending about 12 months or so staying with grand mother in the old Gladstone house.  We have a photo some where in the early 1980's, dad or I had taken of the old house with the TV aerial on the house. 


Mum was the youngest of 9 Lee Fook children.     If I remember correctly mum's father (James) died when mums was young (may be about 14), grand mother had a hard life rearing the children, she continued to grow vegetables to support the family.     I note the old house is owned by a Mr.  R. Moore, he could be the grand son of Mrs Moore who used to live across the street.     Old Mrs Moore was a close friend of my grand mother.      Thank you for the article, I will send it to Karen and Michael.(Russell Loon's two children)     I have forgotten when you left Italy the country you moved to?. 


God Bless    Cousin Russell   





  • Samuel & Queenie Chung-Gon spent one night in this house at Gladstone, during their honeymoon !  (1944).